Thursday, May 08, 2008

Urgent Prayer for A Friend

Last night I received word from my friend Melissa that her father, who recently learned that cancer has spread in his body, had collapsed at the doctor's office and was hospitalized with critical hemoglobin and platelet numbers.

I have been watching the clock this morning so as to call California when it was not too early, only to receive this update from Melissa via e-mail:
I am heading to indy today with the kids.
The petscan was read and the doctor is giving my dad 2-3 weeks to
live. My parents were told this this morning. The cancer is all over
his body in his bone marrow and his liver is no longer functioning. I
will get to Indy late tonight. I am not sure when if he will leave
the hospital.
Melissa and Jathan are very dear friends of ours from our seminary days and just recently stepped out in faith to follow God's leading to a church in California. It has been difficult for them to be far away as the details of her dad's health have unfolded.

Please pray for safety for Melissa and her three children as they fly out today, and for comfort and peace for her family (mom, dad, and sister) as they face the difficult days ahead.


ERIN lee said...

oh steph, i remember you guys talking about them. how sad for them. i will be praying.

lori shepler - said...

stephanie, i live about 30 minutes from indianapolis, IN (isn't that the 'indy' they're referring to?), is there something i can do to help out??

Terri Fisher said...

Please tell Melissa and Jathan that they and their family will be in our prayers!