Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In Indiana

After a restful night, we are enjoying a beautiful cool morning in West Lafayette, Indiana at the home of our very dear friends - Jathan & Melissa Newton. We met the Newtons when we were each newly-married couples without chldren, attending seminary and the young married's Sunday School class together. Back in those days we would devise fun adventures together such as weekend getaways to New York City or the Grand Canyon of PA ... or the husbands would plan late-night Risk marathons while the wives scrapbooked and talked into the wee hours of the morning!

Not so anymore.

Between the two families we now have six children ages six and under, so merely getting all of the kids to bed is a feat! We were lucky to have enough energy to eat a bowl of ice cream and chat before we called it a night last night. However, tonight we are determined to make up for that with a rousing game of Settlers of Catan or perhaps Jathan's new favorite game, Blokus ... but no matter what, we will enjoy this special visit before saying yet another goodbye!

So, let the games begin! (:


Patti said...

Stephanie! You must be near Purdue University - :-) My nephew will be attending college there this fall.

ommaof3 said...

I miss you already, Garcias! Hope we can see you in Chile! Maybe we will learn some new games between now and then.

ommaof3 said...

It's me again, Paige wanted to know what Uncle Pedro and Daddy were doing in that picture. I told her that they were trying to show off their muscles. She said that "they are sillier than we are". I am guessing the "we" in her statement are the kids:)