Friday, June 22, 2007

Homeward Bound & Passports

We are headed ‘home’ to Michigan today … We will be staying with friends in North Branch, packing up our things in Marlette, and driving daily to Lapeer. We will also be speaking in four different churches over 2 ½ weeks!

On the passport front, I spoke for the third time with a third person at the agency and was now told that I need to fax a letter indicating our change of address. I was given three different numbers and told to fax the letter to all three in hopes that it will make it through on one. Despite the fact that on June 7 the person I spoke with was supposedly requesting the Owen’s passport be expedited and overnighted at that time, according to the person last night his passport is still stalled in process. Thank you to those who are praying … we certainly need it! (:



Stephanie, I graduated from Lapeer West and my sister and most of my family still lives there! Now we live in Grand Blanc! Too funny! What churches will you be at? We go to church here in Grand Blanc, but may be able to listen to you speak at another church!!
jen in MI

Pep said...

Stephanie - You're in my thoughts and prayers :-) Love you! Pep

ommaof3 said...

I'm praying for you Steph, I was reminded to pray for you this morning when I called the USCIS office to find out why it was taking 10 months for Drew's Cert. of Citizenship to be issued. I think working on gov't paperwork and the follow up involved is enough to take a few years off of one's life.