Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Family Portrait by Isabel

So this is our family portrait, beautifully created by the talented kindergarten artist known as Isabel Garcia. From left to right: the short, fluffy-haired brown person is Isabel; the taller brown person with shorter hair is Daddy; the even taller peach-colored person is Mommy; next to Mommy is the little black person with hair dots who is Owen; and next to him is another peach person who is Eva. Overlooking our entire family is a lovely green tree.

And what could that curious squarish thing be with yellow lines shooting out?

Oh yes ... that is the volcano that has been erupting in southern Chile!

(You can't say my daughter isn't up on current events!)

She makes me smile. (:


Rebekah said...

I love it! I love how she used different colors for each of you! There's a company called Dolls Like Me ( that sells a small box of crayons with all the different skin tones. Very cool!

I also love the volcano! So cute.

Anonymous said...

Please tell Isabel that Mommom loves her artwork! Maybe Mommy can save me a picture of it since I am not smart enough to get it off the computer.!!!!
See you soon(: