Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Yesterday's Play

Our kids have a new favorite pastime, climbing a tree just a block or so from the house. Almost every night, Eva will ask to take a walk to this tree. Each of them takes a branch as their “horsey” and they have a lot of fun!

Last night, they tired of the tree and decided to play near a tree stump several feet away. The girls began gathering pine needles, sand and grass to make a “birthday cake” on top of the stump. Eva informed me that it was Jesus’ birthday and they were going to “do their best for Jesus!” (Unfortunately, Owen didn’t get that memo and destroyed the “cake” soon after … but they rebuilt!)

I don’t know what the neighbors thought of these three gringo kids digging in the sand and dancing around singing “we love you, Jesus!” but it definitely brought a smile to my face. I really hadn’t wanted to take yet another walk to the tree, but I’m glad I gave in and took the time to just sit and observe my children. Their simple joys make my heart smile!

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