Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Saying “I’m Sorry”

One of the more humbling aspects of being a parent is having to say “I’m sorry” to my kids. This morning was one of those times, as I grew increasingly frustrated with dirty dishes and missing uniform shirts and having to repeat directions to brush hair, brush teeth, get dressed over and over again with little or no response from the girls. Let’s just say I did not set a good example in attitude and tone! And before they left for school, I knew that I needed to make amends and apologize.

Afterwards, I thought about how I should be more like my children. When I apologized, they just smiled and said, “Okay Mommy!” and went on their way like happy campers. How often do I hold onto a grudge even after someone has said they’re sorry? (Well, in all fairness the girls do struggle with that sometimes when it comes to forgiving one another.)

I am blessed with good kids. And often, they even teach Mommy a thing or two! (:

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes we sure can learn alot from our kids!! Thanks for sharing!