Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Visit from Friends

Today we had a special visit with friends.

Several years ago while visiting churches on pre-field ministry, we spoke at a church in Michigan where the associate pastor had served short-term in Chile and there met and married his wife, who herself is Chilean. They had a special burden for the south of Chile, specifically the islands of Chiloé. At that time, however, they did not foresee returning to Chile soon but nevertheless we teasingly prodded them to come and join us! And in God’s perfect time, they did just that.

The Kennison family arrived in Chile just this past Friday, and on Tuesday they will fly down to Curaco de Velez in Chiloé. It is there that they began a church one year ago while on another short-term trip; now, they plan to purchase a home and begin a permanent ministry among the people there! How exciting to see that when God’s timing is set in motion, He can quickly bring everything together to accomplish His purposes.

We appreciated their taking the time amidst their busy schedule to spend a few special hours with us (though we missed seeing Ruth and a few of the kids!), and we look forward to the first opportunity we have to visit them in their beautiful place of service! Dios les bendiga, our friends!

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