Saturday, November 10, 2007

Thoughts on Adoption from Other Bloggers

I appreciated this blog post entitled “From Adopted to Adopting” by Justin Taylor. (I assume it is okay to share here because the post allows you to send the article to a friend.) He writes:

… too many of us still accustomed to thinking that biology is more important than legality. The opposite of "real parents" is "fake parents." The opposite of "your own children" is "children not your own." There is something about "adoption" that makes us think that relationships are somehow less real.

But we must put on our gospel-centered glasses and ask ourselves: Am I really a child of God or not? Is God really my Father or not? Is Jesus really my brother? For those who trust in Jesus the answer is unambiguously Yes!

Remember, we have no biological connection to Jesus. We began our lives in a different household, slaves of a different master. But we have been adopted, and our new legal relationship is true, real, and glorious. A right understanding of spiritual adoption can transform the way we think about physical adoption.

Other interesting facets of this piece include adoption from the historic Islamic perspective (i.e., adoption was once illegal and is now allowed only in certain circumstances but not as a “legal reality.”)

Also, at the end of this entry the author provides several specific ways that believers can begin supporting adoption. To read the post in its entirety, visit the link below:

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Ted Slater said...

Stephanie -- of course you're free to share the article with your readers. It's a wonderful piece, one that I hope to see many people read.