Thursday, November 15, 2007

James 1:27, Part Two

I thought I would pose a question to any interested readers based on part two of the aforementioned discussion with my sister. The following question was raised:

What about the command in Genesis to “be fruitful and multiply?”

Is it wrong for a Christian couple to not at least try to have a biological child?

(By “trying” I don’t mean pursuing endless fertility treatments, just simply “trying” … and this would be regardless of whether the couple was blessed with children by adoption as well.)

I have some thoughts … but I’d like to hear yours! (:


David & Kristi Flinck said...
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Erin lee said...

hey steph, i didn't realize what the person in the first post is talking about. but very interesting point. but i believe being fruitful and multiplying isn't necessarily talking about biological children but any child. i don't believe that the Lord would think of anyone as disobeying if they decided simply to adopt.... my point. :)can't wait to hear yours

Anonymous said...

I will have to be honest...and say that being 6 weeks away from my delivery date, I also was having some issues with guilt after reading the adoption entries...It really makes me want to go out and adopt every child in the world...but you also responded in a way that was comforting in that all Christians should minister toward the orphans & widows, just in different ways. In reference to the current post that I am responding to, I believe children (all) are a blessing from the Lord...whether through the miracle of adoption or birth. God gives each person a choice to be blessed by children. The "trying" (whether adopting or to bear a child) so to speak, becomes a personal decision made between the couple...

Lomdím said...

After hearing the interesting comment that "fruitful & multiply" in Hebrew meant to worship and obey, the words were checked in the Hebrew text. Unfortunately, that is incorrect information. Quite understandable because the "worship & obey" (or serve & guard) are the words used in Gen. 2:15 where most translations state "work & keep..." In Gen. 1:28, it most certainly does say "be fruitful and multiply" and that in the imperative form. That is not stated to justify one's position or experience. The danger can all too often be to quote Scripture to prove, justify, or appease one's conscience. Let's leave God's word to be what He really said, regardless of our bent, interest, etc.
One interesting observation w/ regard to Gen. 1:28 would be that most likely God's purpose in commanding that was also to EXTEND the garden of Eden reality and borders throughout the earth through an obedient and faithful humanity. That does appear to be God's final plan via the new heavens and the new earth (see Revelation 22).
Adoption is noble and a very biblical concept. But so is multiplying biologically. God did bless mankind to do that! Adoption shows more of a "redemptive" model in terms of rescue, love, grace, mercy. Biological births of a couple show faithfulness and an awareness that any child is a result of God's blessing. No matter how you cut your cake, we're still responsible to instruct and form those children to magnify and know God. Let's not avoid the goal. Adoption and biological births w/in the nuclear family don't have to be diametrically opposed. Gladness before God with a clear conscience is always more noble than an imposed guilt with a shaky base. Solo Dei gloria.

Anonymous said...

Obviously I have done my part (mother of 5 speaking)but, yes, I guess I sort of do think we are told to try to have children. After that the decision of whether we do or don't is ultimately of the Lord. However I think this means not only in a physical sense but a spiritual one as well. Someone once questioned my mother about how she felt when I was expecting #5 and she said "I think it's great. How better to bring a child into this world than into a Christian home where they will be raised to love the Lord." (As any of you who know her already know, my Mom is amazing) So, I look at it as a chance to raise 5 little Timothy's...may God help me do so!

Kathy's Korner said...

I think your thoughts on careing for the orphans and widows in this world were right on. There are many ways to do this. Many. Search your heart and find the way God intends for you to help.

As for being fruitful and multiplying....I always thought this meant multiplying followers for God. This could me bearing children, adopting, or evagelizing.

I do NOT think he intended for us to go the route of endless fertility treatments.

Erin lee said...

thank you to the person who checked out the hebrew translation of the verse. i was going to check on it today with a professor here who majored in hebrew. it didn't quite seem right to me. so thanks for verifying that for me

Anonymous said...


I truly enjoy your blog everyday! You have wonderful insights and after all, a blog is for writing down your thoughts!! I'm excited to have 2 biological children and look forward to adopting when we get to Chile! God bless in your pursuit to bless those God chooses to place in your family!
Heather Amundson