Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cousins Again

So this picture is a little deceptive, because lately these two cousins in particular have not been getting along all that well. But apparently a little bit of strawberry pie can go a long way towards sweetening their spirits!

Somehow it is just not possible to get a picture of these two boys making normal faces. (This time Micah said he was Tarzan, as he tried to swing on a metal chain.) It's so fun to watch them together, though. Today they were running all over the cancha with a soccer ball and it was like a glimpse into many future games of "futbol" together!

It took a few tries to get a picture of these two together - Eva wanted to hold Juliana, but tired easily (and Juliana got bored easily!) I have to share this anecdote about Juliana, though. I think we have finally started to "bond" - before, she only loved her Uncle Pedro, not me! But on Saturday I was holding the Sheads' new baby when Juliana grabbed me around the knees and starting flailing around and whining. She was actually jealous that I was holding another baby! "Me senti realizada" like they say in Chile. But Jenn felt a little worried, because if Jules gets that jealous over Auntie holding another baby then what is like going to be like come May?? (:

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