Wednesday, November 14, 2007

All Is Well in Santiago

Some of you may have heard about the 7.7-magnitude earthquake in Chile this mid-afternoon.

It hit in northern Chile and was especially strong in the cities of Iquique and Antofagasta. Chilean news reports have said that a number of buildings were evacuated but no major injuries have been reported at this time. Although some reports stated that the earthquake was felt strongly in the capital, we ourselves did not feel it here.

All is well in Santiago as far as we know, and when we have more information about the situation up north we will share it with you.

Thank you to those who have already contacted us with your concern and prayers!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting a comment so soon, Steph. We left 2 girls in STGO from our group and they come back this weekend - it was good to know that things were OK there becuase the news feeds didn't mention if it was felt there or not. Thanks, friend!

heidi said...

Glad you guys are okay. We will be praying for the people up North!