Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I thought of you today,
For just a little while.
And as I did, the sadness
Slipped into a sweet smile.

Because your life is perfect,
Without worry, without care.
You live inside a sheltered place
And with our Savior there.

Nothing better could I hope for,
Nothing sweeter could I give …
But to simply share the joy with you
As in His care you live.

Sometimes in selfish moments,
I wish you back again.
But then I am reminded
That day will come soon when

We’ll finally be reunited,
I’ll hold you near my heart.
And the joyful celebration
Of eternity we’ll start.

Where life will bloom forever,
And sadness all will end –
Together we will worship Him,
Our Maker, Father, Friend!

-shg 10.09.07

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reminder to enjoy these days. Noah(10), Isaiah(8), Johannah(5) and Zachariah( 3 and a half) and Samarah due in Dec. sometimes I get to caught up in what has to get done. I am also praying for you as you raise your three blessings.