Friday, October 19, 2007

Framed, Unframed

This is for Mom and my TeaTime friends ... here are the paintings, finally framed and hung on our walls!

This painting is on the mocha wall in the living room. It is one I purchased in Peru last year. I love the bright colors!

This painting is by an artist at Plaza de Armas here in Chile, and hangs on our dining room wall. My sister Jenn "discovered" him and he is kind enough to offer a discount to Americans (the opposite of what most painters do here!) This is the painting that I purchased with my Christmas money from Mom. It is of the harbor at Valparaiso. Thanks, Mom! (:

This is a picture of San Jose de Maipo, by the same painter. I love the mountain scene! It is hanging in our family room/office upstairs.

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Deborah said...

These are so beautiful, Steph! I LOVE your decorating and those pictures are a perfect compliment to your home and an expression of your likes and tastes! :)