Thursday, October 11, 2007

And Then Today

After our emotional night, it seemed best to allow our daughter some extra rest and special attention. Sleeping in, playing computer games, and taking a walk with the dog seemed to bring a pretty smile to her face!

Later this afternoon, I met with her teacher for a previously scheduled conference. Her teacher shared with me that Isabel is a delight to have in class, always willing to do her work and very kind and loving with the other students. She said that Isabel tends to be a little quiet still, as though she is feeling out the situation, but often she does a little dance or something silly to make the other kids laugh! Apparently, Isabel prefers the company of boys over girls and usually chooses to play with the boys or sit at their table in class. She and her cousin have their "moments" - sometimes he is too busy to want to translate for her, and other times she is too independent to want his help! Isabel's favorite part of the day is when the other students are studying English words and she is learning Spanish words. She gets to repeat the word out loud, with all eyes on her as her classmates cheer her on, and she eats up the attention! Hmmm ... Why am I not surprised?? (:

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Deborah said...

:) I can just picture her! :)