Friday, September 14, 2007

For Donut Lovers ONLY

The good news is, there is Dunkin' Donuts in Chile.
The bad news is, there is no Krispy Kreme.

The good news is, there are lots of varieties to choose from.
The bad news is, most locations do not carry angel cream donuts.

The good news is, they celebrate their host country's heritage with special creations - these are strawberry donuts with a copihue, Chile's national flower.
(I couldn't find any bad news in that.)

The good news is, according to this sign you can buy 12 donuts and only pay for 9.
The bad news is, those 9 will cost you TEN BUCKS!
(Yes, you read that correctly.)

And that is why I've entitled this post, "For Donut Lovers ONLY" ...


Unknown said...

Ugh, no Angel Creme???? I would not survive!! :)


BlessedWithDaughters said...

Hi! You posted a comment on my blog this weekend, and I came to visit you! Had to share about this post for a totally made me dream about big pink doughnuts last night!

And then in church this morning, a guest speaker was there...a missionary from Ecuador, and he had a whole illustration about Krispy Kreme doughnuts...I laughed and thought about you!

Thanks for coming to see my girls and reading some of my blog. I will be popping back in here regularly...