Thursday, September 13, 2007

Can You See the Pictures?

I have received a couple of comments from friends who are not able to see the pictures on my blog today. They are visible to me when I open the page, so I'm not sure if it is something with individual computers or if I accidentally changed a setting somehow.

Would my readers please leave a comment answering the question above? I'm hoping that will shed some light on the subject. Thanks!


daniel said...

We cannot see the pictures. They just turn up as a box with an "x" in the middle. Of course we can use our imaginations, so "no problema". By the way, how did things go with the trip downtown to "aduana"?
Daniel and Ruth

Anonymous said...

Pics are visible to me.

Anonymous said...

I can see two out of the three, Steph. The first one is not coming through.


David and Kristi Flinck said...

We can't see the pictures.

Mandy said...

I can see the pictures just fine!! Loving your blog. It's so interesting.

Mandy said...

I can see the pictures just fine. I'm really enjoying your blog. It's so interesting.

Russell Raymer said...

Hey, I've tried on both Internet Explorer & Firefox and the photos do not appear.
Abrazos a todos,

Russell, Debbie y Carena

Day to Day... said...

I can't see the pictures either Stephanie. I am just glad it wasn't just me!

Love the blog!!!

Mandy (your forum friend)

Anonymous said...

No pictures...but it looks like there is some food maybe not a bad thing?!?!

Anonymous said...

The other day I saw the pictures however, today I got the same thing as Daniel.

ERIN lee said...

still can't see those pics can see all the other ones though. the one of owen adorable by the way.