Thursday, September 13, 2007


These pictures were taken at the picnic last Sunday, and I think they do a good job of capturing Pedro's willingness to interact with the new people, tastes and experiences he is encountering here in Chile! I appreciate this about my husband, that he is willing to step out of his comfort zone and be truly interested in others - who they are, what they do, how they think. I know that God will use that quality in Pedro to open doors and develop special relationships with the Chilean people!

Pedro's new friend Claudio showed him the fine art of making anticuchos

Just one of the crowd, waiting in line for meal tickets

Trying "mote con huesillo" - here is Wikipedia's definition of this Chilean drink:

Mote con huesillo is a typical Chilean non-alcoholic drink and dessert.

It is made from husked wheat (mote), mixed with sun-dried peaches (huesillo) that have been rehydrated in water for hours. The water in which the peaches were rehydrated is mixed with some sugar, and the wheat is mixed in a glass with the peaches and the sweet peach flavored water.

This drink is usually sold on streets, from carts and stands, during the summertime. The boiled wheat and huesillos are also bought in markets for domestic preparation.


Deborah said...

I'm not sure how I missed you knowing about sorry! I'll have to tell you details sometime! :)

Just to let you know, at least on my pc, the pics aren't showing up, & when I clicked on them, they still refused.

I agree with your verse a couple of posts down...too true...we see it so often...

Love you & praying for you, my friend! :) Thanks SO much for updating! :)


ERIN lee said...

hey i can't see the pics either erin