Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Unhappy Night, Part Two

I will NEVER fly Air Canada again.

I doubt whether I have ever been more frustrated in my life.

Did I mention that I will NEVER fly Air Canada again?

After five long, arduous hours on the airport floor, a ticket agent finally arrived to review our situation. Air Canada refused to take responsibility for the missed flight (they can’t control the weather), refused to pay to re-route us on a different airline, refused to store our eleven suitcases (we had to pay $66 to a storage company on site instead), and refused to cover the cost of a hotel stay.

We cannot get another flight until Thursday night at 11:55 pm, although the agent was quick to point out that bad weather is forecast for that evening as well.

Finally, we are in a hotel room and resting as well as parents can rest after they’ve had only one hour of sleep apiece while their children have had five hours of sleep and are ready to roll …

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