Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Chocolate Makes Everything Better

Okay, so not really, but I thought that would make a cute title! And the chocolate dessert I am eating while I write this does seem to make the world a brighter place … (:

Showers and baths and two naps for everyone so far today have also helped us feel a little more human again.

I should mention that although Air Canada seemed to definitely be lacking “the milk of human kindness,” we did witness the kindness of strangers during this ordeal. In particular, one Jamaican family (residents of Montreal) had missed their connection last night after waiting with hundreds of people for hours in the hot Jamaican sun for their delayed flight to Canada. The man who spoke with us said that people, even little children, were literally fainting in the heat. And of course, this was after many of them had already had their homes and belongings devastated by the storms!

Anyway, this family was very interested in our plight and especially in our children and their adoption stories. They gave the kids chips and bagels with cream cheese and deli sandwiches that they had purchased for themselves. I had to laugh somewhat hysterically on the inside when the man’s mom, a sweet older woman in a wheelchair, told me that as soon as she saw me with our family she just knew we were missionaries! Seeing as how this was just after having it out with the manager at the ticket counter and almost losing my cool with another airport employee who got on our case to wake up our children and clear out our stuff from the corner we’d been forced to occupy all night because he said we were “in the way” … I guess you could say I wasn’t feeling the most “missionary-like” at the time!

My mom sent me an e-mail today and remarked that

Guess the Lord has something in mind with this but I keep having to remind myself that He is in control and that I have to ask for forgiveness a lot for the unkind, grumbling thoughts I've had.

All I can say is, me too, Mom! Me, too! (:

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Kathy's Korner said...

OH Stephanie I am so sorry!!! 20 minutes? :( I was hoping you were relishing the fact the journey was over by now. Where did you end up then today???