Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Special Tradition

There is a special tradition in our family when we come home to Delaware. My grandmom – my children’s great-grandmom, called “Meemie” by my kids – has her own apartment in my parents’ house. Just before bed, the kids run into her apartment for “apples with Meemie.” Grandma peels and cuts slices of apples for the grandkids and hands them out equally to each one. After they’re done, they give sticky hugs goodnight and are off to bed!

I love sitting in on this little ritual because it gives me joy to see my children interacting with my grandmom. She is such a special person in our family, the rock of stability that we came home to every furlough and someone whose strength and character never wavers. I want my children to have sweet memories with her, just as I do.

When you come right down to it, there’s nothing all that special about eating apples … what makes them special are those wrinkled hands that lovingly prepare and share them. “Meemie” is what makes our tradition special!

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