Sunday, August 12, 2007

On Sovereignty and Suffering

We cannot control God, and we cannot second-guess him, as much as we'd like to try. Our God has plans and purposes that are far beyond our understanding.

Sometimes those plans and purposes break our hearts.

Sometimes they require sacrifices we never agreed to make.

Sometimes they stop us dead in our tracks, turn us upside down, inside out, and paralyze us with pain.

But his comfort is not far behind. And as we climb up into his lap and weep into his chest, he whispers in our ear, "Shhh. It's okay. I did it for a reason, and some day I'll tell you what it is." He strokes our hair and hugs us tight, and cries with us ...

Our whys are not answered, but we trust that there is a reason. God is in control, and he loves us through our pain.

-Terri Blackstock


Pep said...

Stephanie - That is very beautiful! Thank you for sharing with all of us.


Deborah said...

Amen & amen.

Thanks, my friend...