Tuesday, August 28, 2007

First Day of School - Isabel

Today was Isabel’s first day of school! I am going to post pictures tomorrow, because on Wednesdays she is supposed to wear the school uniform and I’m anxious to see her in it.

I woke her up this morning, expecting it to be a difficult task as it usually is. But even in the midst of her sleepy state, she croaked out: “I am SO excited to be going to school today!” and got up and ready without any complaints. She kept saying excitedly, “I’m going to my Spanish school with Mati!”

She even tried out her few Spanish words on me while I was doing her hair. I asked her to hand me a ponytail holder. She handed me one and said “Uno” then handed me the other and said, “Uno mas!”

Isabel’s teacher, Tia Patchi, is super sweet and welcomed her with open arms. (Cultural note: "Tia" means "aunt" and is used by children to address most adult women, especially teachers in pre-school or in a church setting.) She sent home a note in Isabel’s agenda, saying that Isabel seemed very content and comfortable in the class, completed assignments with the other students, and played happily at recess.

We are very proud of our new little kindergartener!

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