Friday, July 27, 2007

"Variable" Visas

var·i·a·ble /ˈvɛəriəbəl/
[vair-ee-uh-buhl] –adjective
1. apt or liable to vary or change;
2. capable of being varied or changed; alterable
3. inconstant; fickle

I thought it would be appropriate to begin this blog entry with the definition above, being that it rather aptly describes the situation we have encountered with our visa applications this week!
With a thrill of accomplishment, we sent off every required document in perfect order to the Chilean Consulate General of Philadelphia on Monday. Among the required documents was the state police clearance. Yesterday, however, we received a polite phone call in return. The purpose of the call was to alert us to the fact that just this week the Chilean government made a change to their visa requirements, and we are now supposed to provide an FBI clearance rather than a state clearance. We have done FBI clearances before in conjunction with our adoptions, and happen to know that these take several weeks at best to be completed. (If you look on the FBI website, they will tell you to allow 16-18 weeks for completion.)
Did I mention the fact that after sending all the required documents to the consulate, we immediately purchased our non-refundable tickets for Chile?
Well, we are dismayed but not defeated. We know that the Lord has control over this just as He did over our passport situation and every other obstacle that has presented itself along the way. But we do appreciate your prayers - and if you happen to know someone who can put a good work in for us to expedite an FBI clearance, we'd love to hear from you! (:

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Deborah said...

Dear, Sweet Steph...

I am eagerly waiting to see how God works greatly on youralls behalf! :)

Love you & praying & watching...
Deborah :)