Monday, July 30, 2007

Our Newest Cousin

We were all very excited to meet baby Juliana in person for the first time! My sister Jenn and her daughter arrived in Delaware for two weeks of medical visits and some much-needed "R&R." Please continue to pray for Jenn's health to stabilize. We look forward to being with Jenn, Juliana and the rest of their family in Santiago - very soon!!


Pep said...

Stephanie, Your niece is very sweet! Your sis is in my prayers! :-)
Thinking of you often.
Hugs - Pep

Paulette said...

So sweet... I love being part of your beautiful journey. Take care! My prayers are with you!

Deborah said... can certainly see to whom she is related! :) HOW precious!!! :) Praying for Jenn...keep me posted...