Sunday, June 03, 2007

What Do I Do with These?

Sorting and packing and saying goodbye,
I come to these items and think with a sigh -
What do I do with these?

The stroller was bought with seats for two -
One for big brother, another for you.
What do I do with these?

The crib that stood empty we've folded away,
The bedding I chose with delight one day -
What do I do with these?

A bassinet, car seat, that special toy -
Each one was waiting for our little boy.
What do I do with these?

Baby clothes given away to a friend,
Since you did not come to us in the end -
That's what I did with these.

But those that I kept, as hope would allow
And the dreams of your face that I see even now ...
What do I do with these?

- shg 06.03.07

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Stephanie, I can hear the longing of your heart. I hope you are going to try and publish your peotry. I believe it would bring comfort to many.
Prayers and blessings,