Friday, June 29, 2007

I Thank My God upon Every Remembrance of You

When I told my parents that Phil and Shirley would be driving across the state with their camper to be our moving helpers yet again, my dad said: "Now why am I not surprised?" And my mom said: "Every missionary needs someone like them on their team!"

Last summer, they worked with us until the very last item was jammed into our trailer and - believe it or not - even swept out the entire garage with a hand-held brush and dustpan when a broom couldn't be found. Last winter, they drove their camper all the way from Michigan down to south Texas just to spend a month with us there. This week, they braved the heat and the rain and helped us complete a task we couldn't have done without them! Phil and Pedro worked as a team to single-handedly shrink wrap over 150 boxes, and only when they reached the big furniture items such as couches and beds did they call in reinforcements. Shirley kept all of us on track, entered information in the computer, cooked lunch one day and even washed our dishes on occasion. She also kept the kids stocked with candy and fixed Eva's favorite pillow!

Our kids call them "Grandpa Phil" and "Grandma Shirley" - and they truly have become family to us. This morning, we went out to eat a big country breakfast together before saying our goodbyes. We are so sad to see them go, but hold out hope that someday soon we might see their dear faces again in Chile. The invitation is definitely open! We love you both!

This is a real Shirley picture ... a true grandma, always delighting in whatever the children are doing and quick to grab her camera for a picture of the fun!

Now Phil is hardly ever this serious ...
but the camera caught him in a quiet moment.

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Deborah said...

Praise God for such awesome blessings!!! :)