Saturday, June 30, 2007

10 Happy Years

Since we will be on vacation and away from the computer this week, I thought I would go ahead and post these pictures a few days early. They are actually photographs of a photograph taken on our wedding day – July 5, 1997.

Ten years … how to sum up all that we have shared together?? So many joys and dreams and hopes fulfilled, intertwined with those sorrows and heartaches that are part of life on this earth. We have been blessed with special memories of places, people and experiences shared over a decade’s time. We have laughed together, played together, worked together, cried together, dreamed together. We have found a true friend and faithful life companion in one another. We have three beautiful children on earth, and one in heaven. We are finally on the brink of the overseas ministry we had hoped and prayed for even before we were married.

Thank You, Father God … thank you, Pedro … for ten happy years. I can’t wait to share the next decade together!


Deborah said...

WOW. It is SO hard to believe that it's been 10 years!!! Wow! I still say that was one of the best weddings not only in which I've been, but that I've had the privelege to attend. You were and still are *such* a beautiful bride, you have a perfect match of a husband and I *loved* doing JCPenny models of poses and gathering wildflowers to add to my boquet on the way back! :)

Here's to 10x10 more!!! :)

Love you!

diana said...

Hay que bonita foto,me encanto y se ven tan bonitos, y se ven tan enamorados como hace 10 años Dios los bendiga y sigan asi.leeo un poco de lo que escribes y me gustaria que pusieras un poquito en español

Los quiere y los extraño.

Diana escobedo