Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

It is a tradition among our church family here in Texas to spend Memorial Day together at the beach. We will soon be saying our goodbyes to these folks who have extended friendship to us, even knowing that it would be for just a short while.

In addition to surf, sun and fellowship the day was not lacking in excitement. During an impromptu football tossing session, Pedro's dad injured - more than likely, broke! - his finger. (His son was NOT the culprit, by the way!)

Our kids seemed to become emboldened by witnessing other children throwing themselves into the waves with abandon! Owen plowed headlong into the surf even after being knocked over time and again. Eva and Isabel enjoyed rolling around in the sand and "swimming" in the waves close to shore.

It was a good day. Thank you, Lord, for special moments and special people to remember.

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Pep said...

Oh Steph! It looks like you had a wonderful Memorial Day! Sorry about Grandpa's finger. I broke my finger once, closed it in a big, metal door. It hurts!! Make sure you stop by my blog - there's a little news. ((((hugs))))