Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Heard in our House

I love hearing the girls’ thoughts on spiritual matters. Sometimes they say things that make my heart so glad and full, as they evidence love and compassion for others.

Yesterday with Isabel we had one of those moments. As Daddy was tucking her into bed, he noticed that she looked very concerned, as if she were thinking over something important. Isabel told him that there was someone at her therapy who was crying and hurting yesterday. She thought there was something wrong with the person’s tummy. When Daddy asked Isabel if it was a boy or a girl, she said it was a “big girl.” She wanted to pray for her, and asked God to help the “big girl and her tummy not to hurt anymore.”

What touched me about this was that I was in therapy with Isabel and there was indeed a young adult woman in the room as well. She looked to be very disabled, as if from an accident, and from the gentle way the therapist was speaking to her I guessed that the exercises were painful for her. Isabel’s back was to her, though, and I didn’t realize she was aware of the woman’s condition. It was so touching that many hours later, this young woman would come to Isabel’s mind and she would feel such empathy for her!


Then there are those comments that are so sincere, yet twist my heart with their bittersweet pain. That was the case when Eva told me yesterday: Mommy, I made a promise to God to never, never stop praying for baby Ian and the twins …”


ommaof3 said...

What hearts your little girls have.

chili4 said...

Hi Stephanie,

I continue to pray for you.