Friday, June 01, 2007

“At Least for Today”

Tenderly tucking these dreams away -
Though not forever, at least for today.
Dreams of another sweet brown-skinned boy …
Today’s hopes unfulfilled, could be tomorrow’s joy.

“Ian” we called him when we chose his name;
His sisters prayed for him and called him the same.
We all had hoped he would come long ago,
But as time slipped away, it was sadly not so.

One small Christmas gift is wrapped, and still waits
For him to arrive, though he may come late.
“I Am a Big Brother,” the book title said,
Yet Owen’s not read it – I hid it instead.

Some days I am saddened; others, resigned.
While waiting, sometimes I was losing my mind.
But today, I am tenderly tucking away
Those dreams … not forever, at least for today.

- shg 05.31.07

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Pep said...

Stephanie -

(((((hugs for you)))))