Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Natural Disasters

Which of the following can you picture occurring in our household tonight?

a) A child slips and falls in the shower after disobeying Mommy's rule about standing on top of the slick toys in the slippery stall.

b) A different child slips and falls in the puddle on the bathroom floor after disobeying Mommy's rule to take showers with the shower curtain closed, not open.

c) A third child falls in the hallway while strolling a baby doll in a child-sized pink stroller due to somehow, inexplicably getting his foot entangled in the stroller's folding mechanism.

d) All of the above.

If you chose letter d, then Congratulations!! You have taken a peek into the chaotic hour before bedtime in our house.

Of course, I left out the little brother who put on his sister's karate sparring glove and tried to punch the daylights out of her (in his defense, he was actually aiming at her shiny new baton from physical therapy!) Oh, and the same little brother who used that same shiny new baton to try and knock his other sister's teeth out with it ... But not to worry, everyone is not much worse for the wear!

Sweet dreams, please come quickly!!!

(PS – In case you are wondering why our children take showers at such a young age, unfortunately tubs are not a luxury available in married student housing on campus … a bathtub will never be so appreciated as when we move into our next home in Chile!)

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