Sunday, April 08, 2007

Corpus Christi, Part One

After almost four years of pre-field ministry, I think it would be fair to call ourselves seasoned travelers of sorts. And as such, we have found Priceline (in conjunction with Mapquest, of course!) to be an invaluable asset to our sometimes itinerant lifestyle. Occasionally, Priceline even does us a "favor" (according to them) and upgrades us to a higher-level hotel than that which we originally requested. That was the case this weekend. And sure, we appreciated the fancy amenities such as pink-ribbon-wrapped toilet paper (see picture above) and we did find ourselves in a beautiful 19th-floor room at the Omni Corpus Christi Hotel Marina Tower (the photo on the right was taken from our room window.)

The downside, though, is that at these ritzy hotels absolutely nothing is free! No free breakfast buffet, no coffee in the lobby, not even free local phone calls! Case in point ... check out the price tag ($6) on the bottled waters and starch spray we found in our room (and which we promptly relocated to the highest cabinet before our children got any ideas!) In lieu of free breakfasts, you can order top-dollar room service (Isabel wanted to pose with the breakfast menu, as you can see.) Or ... you can drive to Whataburger for breakfast. In Corpus Christi, a visit to Whataburger is a must because it is the birthplace of this famous Texas burger chain!

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