Friday, March 23, 2007

Dolphin Watch

On Thursday, I accompanied the girls on a field trip to South Padre Island. The first part of our day involved a boat trip into the Laguna Madre Bay to go dolphin watching. The girls and their classmates were excited about this new experience!

Eva and Isabel watching for dolphins with their teacher, Mrs. Lara (below.)

Eva was a little nervous, especially when we hit some bumpy waves. But she was very excited when we did see a number of dolphin, even a dolphin mommy with her new baby swimming alongside her!

We were told to bring extra snacks for the kids on this trip, and I think the kids enjoyed the experience of snacking to their heart's content onboard ship (though you wouldn't know it from the picture below!)

The ship pulled a net for about ten minutes, then one of the men brought on board a number of the sea creatures, including a starfish, crab, shrimp, and a few others. The kids were able to touch each one - except the crab, which clamped onto the man's hand and eventually wriggled away at the expense of one "arm!" much to the wonder and amazement of the children! Eva looked but wouldn't touch; Isabel, on the other hand was enthralled and loved the touching experience!

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