Saturday, May 08, 2021

Isabel Hope (Class of 2021)

Having practiced the year before with her sister, the senior photo shoot with photographer Hernan and our daughter Isabel was even more creative and just as special. It felt different after months of lockdown and with the addition of face masks and the reduced number of people everywhere we went. We included a new location - Cerro Dragon, Iquique's famous sand dune - which was trickier than expected as we tripped and traipsed up its slippery slope! A pose kneeling in the water also resulted in a bit more adventure than planned, but it was a perfect challenge for our gutsy girl.

Again, I am thankful for this one "normal" experience Isabel could have in her senior year. I am thankful we could capture the many places that make up her memories of childhood and life in our corner of Chile. And I hope she felt beautiful, valued and loved as she truly is.

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