Thursday, July 30, 2020

Creativity in Quarantine (Silas)

One of the challenges of quarantine has been keeping a certain busy 4-year old entertained in more creative ways than simply watching television or playing video games. While we've not been entirely successful, there have been some colorful moments that I managed to capture and wanted to record from this time. 

Aunt "Noni" gave Silas this little canvas and easel early in our stay-at-home orders. He had great fun mixing the colors for his robot and dinosaur masterpieces! 

Often sisters and brothers were pressed into service as artist's assistants. It was particularly memorable when Sissy did so because art is not her "thing" but she humored her little brother with a happy heart and big smile regardless. 

March turned to April, and April to May when Silas' giant flower pot was a Mother's Day gift that he was very proud of. It was also in May when Eva helped him create this brontosaurus in a tea box as a gift to his friend Emilia. They had several drive-by gift exchanges before lockdown shut down even these visits. 

One day recently, Silas was eager to use new paint and we gave him an abandoned box as his canvas. His brown apron was a bargain $500 peso find at Líder among the school uniforms that never had a chance to be sold this year due to COVID-19. With his brothers and sisters doing school and a cool, cloudy day his creative juices ran dry fairly quickly. But at least it made for a cute picture! 

I wonder what Silas' recollections will be of this season in his young life. Hopefully when he looks back, he will see there is always some beauty to be found. 

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