Thursday, November 23, 2017

A Poem for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2017

As daylight dawns this Thanksgiving Day,
In the stillness my soul will quietly say:
Thank You, Lord, for home and for health;
For warmth of family, greater than wealth.
For Your Word which guides us and tells of Your love;
For Jesus, Your Son Who was sent from above
To die in our place on a filthy, hard cross
So that no one who trusts Him would ever be lost.
This message of Hope, passed down through the years –
I thank You for how it brings peace to our fears.
I thank You for purpose to life that it brings,
For perspective it lends to so many things.
I thank You, dear Father, for a Place you prepare
So that when this life’s done we’ll rejoice with You there.
But while we’re still here, Lord, I give You my praise
For the little and great things You send to our days.
Thank You for sunshine, for laughter, for pain;
Thank You for loved ones, for memories to gain.
Thank You for forgiveness and for second chances;
For hugs, conversation and kind, loving glances.
I thank You for this day before it’s begun
The heart of Thanksgiving lies in Your dear Son!

-Stephanie H. Garcia


Daria said...

Beautiful! Thankfully for you and your family!

Ginny C. said...

So well said!