Friday, May 12, 2017

Pitchin' In for Furlough Prep

Today was a furlough prep kind of day. Lots of leftover tasks from daily living, like painting over the graffiti from months ago. (Good thing we had some of the "Orange You Happy" left over from remodeling after the earthquake!) Plenty of prep work for bigger projects, like taping up the bedroom before the painting begins (eight years in this house and third color for this particular room!) Odds and ends of mundane to-do's such as washing, drying and folding laundry and making a home cooked meal for the first time in three days. (I was pleasantly surprised by my 12-year old son volunteering to be kitchen helper by grating carrots, slicing tomatoes and washing lettuce for me!) Miscellaneous moments to organize clothing for our upcoming family photo shoot. (We need new prayer cards with 18-month old Silas added to the crew.)

My husband is a master at organizing the troops and though he pushes them hard, he rewards them amply as well. (He bought the boys doughnuts on the way home from prayer meeting tonight, a rare but favorite treat!) We think it's funny that the kids are all calling tomorrow a "free day." In other words, no furlough prep - only school. (Considering that any other time the phrase "free day" and "school" would never share a sentence!) We do make an effort to balance work and play. They will be having friends our tomorrow as well, after a week of diligent effort.

This evening my teenaged daughter lamented, "This morning I wanted to go to the States. Tonight I don't want to leave. Why is my brain so messed up?" To which I could only reply honestly (and tongue in cheek), "Welcome to the roller coaster. You are an MK. MKs have messed up brains. I should know!"

Furlough prep, this crew is gonna take you down! (At least after we all have a good cry. And maybe curl up in the fetal position or play some mindless video games to ease the stress. You know, the mature and spiritual way of handling things, ha!)

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