Friday, November 11, 2016

The Best Kind of Days (Family Friday Series)

Today held moments of the sort that make the best kind of days. Those moments tucked into a comfy corner of the couch, watching my family interact with laughter and joy. Those moments in the car with my older three, enjoying deepening conversations and silly banter. Those moments around the lunch table when everyone is relaxed enough to sit still and listen, and devotions go well, and thoughtfulness ensues.
Some of my favorite moments from today:
Driving with only Isabel in the car to pick up her sister and brother. Listening to her tale of taking the city bus with no available seats and struggling with balance, only to have one boy nudge another and in an act of chivalry, give both their seats to her and Eva. Talking of trips we've long planned to take together and asking questions about the future. Smiling at her quips and quick wit. Sensing that delicate balance between planning and pushing, when she reminds me in that teenage tone: "Mom! I'm only fourteen!"
Walking through Sodimac with an ever-growing boy who stills let me put my arm around him and sneak him side hugs in public. Exploring the aisles with my three oldest kids and gathering supplies for art projects at home. Deciding to not be uptight or in a rush and allowing them to giggle and attempt the self-checkout, working together to problem solve and even (gasp!) share the entertainment of a hand scanner.
Making my family happy with iced chocolate brownies after Daddy's delicious curry rice at lunch. Sharing a sad but appropriate story related to Psalm 1 and how it applies to us in real life as well as theory. Finishing another chapter in Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends and continuing to hope the message eventually sinks in!
Having my eleven-year old find me coloring a picture and join me. Seeing his creativity as he added dots and dashes for a splash of pizzazz. Telling him how much I like it and having him smirk and reply, "Mom! That's a praise!" And feeling oh-so-happy that he was actually listening to the brothers and sisters book a short while before. 
Interviewing my three boys with thirty-five questions about their "favorites." Observing their trio of different personalities in their attitudes and responses. Finding it sweet that Alec knows Ian so well, helping him fill in the blanks of his own likes and dislikes. 
Watching my husband head out the door to humor our oldest teenager. Knowing he is fulfilling Eva's desire for a witness to the tricks she has been teaching our dog Whittaker. Feeling happy to know Daddy will make his daughter so glad!
Laughing at Silas' newest trick as he sits on Pedro's lap and tries to repeat the word, "Touchdown!" Enjoying the sight of his chubby little arms flying up in the air in an exact replica of Daddy's cheer.
As time marches on and life moves at warp speed, these are moments to treasure. I am thankful for today, and for each and every one of these "best kind of days!" 

(Written on 11.07.2016)

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Anonymous said...

So fun! Nice to take a moment to reflect on the beautiful things of each day when life seems so busy around you. Sometimes I forget to do this very thing.