Wednesday, July 27, 2016

When a Stranger Asks (Adoption Questions)

It's always fun when an otherwise pleasant family outing is interrupted by random adoption questions by strangers. It's especially fun when those questions are thoughtless, potentially hurtful and asked point-blank in front of my children's faces. 
Woman: (staring at my children as we shopped for clothes) "So, not one of them is your own?" 
Me: (placing my hand significantly on my heart and making direct eye contact in hopes of ending this conversation immediately) "Actually, every single one of them is mine." 
Woman: (not getting the hint and stepping deeper in the mire of insensitive curiosity) "And you love them?" 
Me: (giving each of my kids a pained but intentionally very warm smile) "Of course I love them. Very much."
I guess if I were a glass half-full kind of girl, I would chalk this up as an unexpected opportunity to affirm my children. In public. To a stranger. After all, charity begins at home - or maybe, in the crowded clothing stall of a flea market.

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