Monday, March 07, 2016

His Ways Are Higher (FLORECE Update), Part One

"Should I take a picture of that one? It looks like just an empty lot, but it's for rent." I craned my neck and peered out the window with my small camera in hand. It was a steamy summer afternoon in Iquique. All six kids, Pedro and I were packed into our mini-van, headed downtown in search of affordable eyeglasses for four of us. In an attempt to multitask and not miss an opportunity, we were also photographing "For Rent" signs in the area as we sought a location for the FLORECE prenatal and family counseling center.

the sign that caught our eye

My husband encouraged me to snap the shot. "You never know!" (Little did we realize then that in this case, he couldn't have been more right!) Hours later I scribbled the numbers we photographed onto a piece of paper and was pacing the kitchen as I made calls. Already rented, way too much money, way too much space (and too much money!), already rented, no answer, and so forth were the replies I received. Finally I came to the number pertaining to the empty lot. A foreign-accented voice explained that the lot was large and rather expensive (over $2,000 USD monthly) but added that he had other properties available. What was I looking for and in what price range?

Admittedly with some embarrassment, I explained our non-profit status and gave him our financial figure. Sheepishly I added that I knew this figure was a "dream" considering current real estate prices. To my utter surprise, he thought for a moment and then said he might have some properties that could work for us! Could I come to his office tomorrow? I wrote down his name in shock, excitement and unbelief. We already had a babysitter lined up because of a scheduled visit to the notary in the morning, so both Pedro and I were available to meet him. We prayed and wondered, what would tomorrow bring?

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