Sunday, February 23, 2014

Into the Unknown

"It sounds like you have quite a few unknowns in your life right now." It was really the only fitting response my mother could give to the long-winded update I had just rendered. Peppered throughout my speech were the words, "At least that's what we think will happen!" and "If things go as we imagine they will ..." and "We really don't know, but we hope that's how it will work out."

The next few weeks and months are indeed like stepping into the unknown. Our daughters will begin virtual schooling via an online academy out of New Jersey. Our son will take his solitary steps into a new Chilean school, without his sisters or any known friend for the first time. I will give a brave attempt to go back to school in pursuit of a masters of Biblical counseling degree. Pedro and I will deliver papers to the hands of a new bank executive with our final plea for a home mortgage. At least that's what we think will happen!

If things go as we imagine they will ... the face of our ministry will also soon be changing. We will endeavor to reach a new cross-section of people for Christ through pregnancy care outreach. We may gain and/or lose ministry colleagues. We hope to transition to a downtown location and ultimately plant a sister church there. We really don't know, but we hope that's how it will work out.

It's tempting to become overwhelmed. It's enticing to consider hiding my head in an ostrich hole (if such a thing exists.) It helps - somewhat - to know that we are not alone, but that several other friends and family members are facing their own uncertainties. But then again, that can make life feel even more unbalanced sometimes.

Thankfully, it's enough to realize we are in His hands. We literally can do nothing to make any of these unknowns happen or not happen. God alone is in control of all things. Meanwhile, we do have much that we can do while we are waiting. May we not grow weary in well doing as we press forward into the unknown but rather let us trust Him Who knows all things - El De'ot, the God of all knowledge -Who even while knowing us, still loves us and cares for us.

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PaulVik Kay said...

Gosh, I am feeling a bit this way myself!!