Sunday, November 03, 2013

Changes in the Wind

He had tears in his eyes, and it broke my heart.

I asked him to talk to me, and eventually he did. He was scared of failing, and scared of succeeding. He was scared of the unknown. To tell the truth, so was I.

There are changes in the wind, and the choices and decisions are not always crystal clear. Sometimes the best we can do is pray, research, pray, ask advice, pray, take steps of faith, and pray some more.

We sense God directing us to a new focus in our ministry. We envision seeking out a segment of society that is currently unreached, even controversial in our city and region. Foreigners who are embraced by some, rejected by others, but with whom members of our family share a sovereign similarity: most notably, skin color.

And he is on the front lines of the change.

We are asking him to start in a new school, in a new neighborhood, with new classmates and teachers and without his sisters or brothers. One reason for his tears was explained to me this way: "When a boy was bothering me at school, Isabel took care of it. And then he didn't bother me anymore."  Next year, that won't be possible anymore.

We know he is gifted at making friends. Yet, we also know he stands out and bears the brunt of curiosity and questions. We took this step of faith, he took the test, and he passed. The new school is five blocks from the house we are praying for God to give us, a property uniquely fitted to both a family home and ministry/outreach center.

But whereas the school is within reach, the house is just a dream. We are following the winds of change but we are not promised their final destination. Are we asking too much of a child to lead us?

Pray for Owen, and for us.

Owen with Daddy, November 1, 2013

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Ron Day said...

Hi Guys,
When I read this I prayed that God would take away Owen's fear, and I know He will!