Monday, October 28, 2013

The Eagle & His Dove

ready and waiting for takeoff

Saturday, October 26, 2013 ... a day that will go down in Garcia family history! On this momentous occasion, Dad Pedro (aka "El Aguila" or "The Eagle") and Mom Kathy (aka "La Paloma" or "The Dove") took to the skies above Iquique for  a once-in-a-lifetime adventure: the "extreme sport" of paragliding.

our view of Mom

This had been a dream of Mom's since her first visit to Iquique in 2010. We all chuckled at her idea but knew better than to discredit it; when she gets something in her mind, she sticks with it! What we never imagined was that Dad - with his fear of heights - would accompany her.  But he did, and he loved it.

Mom's view from above

This adventure of theirs reminded me of God's love for us in the details and desires of our lives. We might never have followed through with this had the vehicle for a local paragliding company not "happened" to pull up in front of our gate one afternoon. I quickly alerted Mom and Dad to its presence and they hurried outside to flag down the driver and ask their questions. 

a chance encounter - except we don't believe in chance

With Mom in her apron and cars whizzing around them, they excitedly asked questions and returned to the house with business cards in hands. They were giddy as a pair of teenagers over the possibility of making Mom's dream come true. At some point Dad decided he was not going to send Mom alone, so it became his dream too! And God who delights in giving good gifts to His children, allowed it to happen.

our view of Dad

Their enthusiasm was contagious, and it wasn't long before most of the people from our church in Iquique were aware of the upcoming launch. On Saturday morning as we headed to the heights of Alto Hospicio for takeoff, my phone was already ringing with concerned and curious questions and we knew that many eyes would be directed towards the skies that day!

Dad's view from above

The grandkids, of course, were thrilled to be on hand to watch Grandpa and Grandma suit up and finally take a running jump into the cold, strong breeze. We cheered when Grandma went up, up and away! Because Grandpa's chute needed some kinks worked out, Grandma got extra air time and we saw her circling with the instructor far above our heads. As soon as Grandpa launched, we hopped in the car and hurried down the mountain to the landing zone: Playa Brava Beach.

the family gathered to celebrate

By the time we made it to the beach, Grandma had safely landed and we were able to witness Grandpa's descent over the towering high rises and soft arrival onto the hot sand. Mission accomplished! It was an achievement worthy of a celebration. I hope that our children learned from their grandparents' example that you can truly do anything you set your mind to, with God's blessing, no matter your age! I also hope that Pedro and I can be as adventurous after 42 years of marriage. 

Congratulations to the Eagle and his Dove! :)

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Anonymous said...

I just want to add my congratulations to Kathy and Pedro for their wonderful achievement. What a great experience and memory to take with you!

Lots of love, Gail