Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Grandparents with "the Littles"

"The Littles" (or, as big sister Eva calls them, " the Peewees!") are the youngest grandkids and arguably the ones who have benefited the most from these special months with Grandpa and Grandma Garcia in Iquique. They have their own schedule and routine thanks to a shorter day in pre-kindergarten, and so they are able to spend more time each day with their grandparents.

Grandpa and Alec before school

Most mornings, Grandpa is up early and ready to walk Alec to pre-school at 8:30 AM. The four older siblings start their respective schools at 8:00 AM, so they are out the door 45 minutes before, leaving Alec to typically enjoy an episode of Arthur on Netflix or to catch up on homework. He and Grandpa have had many interesting chats on their walks to school. Often Alec makes a cameo appearance on Grandpa's F*cebook posts for the day, as he shares his grandson's witty 5-year old wisdom with his friends! :)

Ian's expression was a reaction to beet juice on Grandma's hands! :)

Alec is also the first child home from school at 12:30, with brother Ian at his heels at 1:00. Both boys enjoy lunch prepared by Grandpa and a couple of hours of solo time each day with their grandparents. Ian and Grandma have especially bonded in the kitchen! He absolutely loves when Grandma let him be her helper for the day. He is attentive and energetic and attacks his kitchen chores with gusto. It is fun to listen to their conversations, and sweet to witness Grandma's patience and understanding with Ian's unique thought processes!

It is my hope that all of our children will remember this special window of time God has given our family this year. As missionaries we don't have the constant presence of aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents in our lives and an experience like this one may not come again. But the bonds that have been formed can build upon these memories and deepen over time, and I trust and pray they will!

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