Saturday, August 03, 2013

That's What We Call a Sandwich

As mentioned in my last post, our first stop during my sister's visit to Iquique was to a sandwich shop owned by a couple who attends our church. Now consider the word "sandwich" and the image that first comes to your mind. Is it the picture above? Unless you have been to a "sangucheria" in Chile, probably not! And if that is the case, you have been missing a delicious experience. Allow me to introduce you to some varieties of popular fare from our neck of the woods/world.

Terri's sandwich (pictured above) is called a chacarero. Basically, it is thin slices of steak meat smothered in garlic mayonnaise, sliced tomatoes, green peppers, onions, and green beans. With some fresh salsa de merken on the side, watch out! It is awesome. Don't miss the fact that the sandwich comes on mouthwatering fresh bread. And believe it or not, this is the average size sandwich (called grande, or big.) There is also a re-grande (supersize) on the menu!

Owen has recently discovered his favorite sandwich, the barros jarpa. Fresh warm bread with hot ham and melted cheese, it is simple but yummy - and yes, he can polish this entire thing off. Don't be fooled by his slender frame, ha!

Now Benjamin, having just set foot off an airplane into a brand-new city amidst unintelligible (to him) language, was understandably quite cautious about his choice of meal. A ham sandwich was about all he could handle and get this - he didn't eat the bread! Give him a few more days in Chile, and we'll train him right! :)

Hold the avocado and mayo for Eva because her sandwich of preference is a simple churrasco with melted cheese and tomatoes. Doesn't she look happy? It is one of her favorite meals.

Ian, Alec and Isabel all dig into the churrasco completo, which has the traditional works: steak meat, mayo, pureed avocado and sliced tomatoes. Yum! The little boys share a sandwich and then Ian asks for more. Pretty soon he'll be ordering a grande all by himself!

I am with my sister on this one - the chacarero is my favorite, too! Pedro, on the other hand, likes to try a specialty sandwich called "la llorona" (the crybaby) which is piled with onions and several kinds of peppers. Only on this particular day he didn't mean to ask for it because he had to speak that night, and I accidentally beat him to the punch and ordered on his behalf. He gamely dug in anyways, and I don't think anyone complained at church later. :)

So there you have it! When in Chile, be sure to try a tasty churrasco. And when in Iquique, stick with us! We will fix you up with a meal you are sure to remember. Buen provecho!

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