Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wearing His Wings

Okay, so we actually couldn't find a pair of wings to make Ian's airline pilot's uniform (and the title of this post!) completely accurate. But he still was the cutest 5-year old pilot I've ever seen! Thanks in huge part to the talents of a friend from church, Grace, who created his outfit in a matter of days - and later refused to take any payment for her beautiful work - Ian felt like a million bucks the morning of his "Family Day" presentation at pre-school.

His teachers oohed and aahed and said, "Se parece a ese actor, no?" (He looks like that actor, right?) so I went hunting and determined this was what they were trying to say:

What do you think? Ian's grandma said he is definitely the more handsome of the two, but I'm not sure that her opinion isn't biased. :)

This was only Ian's second formal presentation at school (he was sick the day of the Father's Day program, but we didn't lament it since his outfit for that day was supposed to be "zombie" - eek!) However, we've noticed a common element in his performances already, and that is his location at the rear of the group where he can have the most space for his very animated participation! He loves to dance, and he gives it all he's got:

It was a chilly Saturday morning and Ian's siblings were a little reluctant to spend their free hours at pre-school, but it was another wonderful opportunity to teach the values of solidarity and support. We had practiced this the week before at Owen's track and field competition as well. One of these days it might actually sink in ... until then I will just have to be satisfied with free photo opportunities with my colorful little gang.

We're proud of you, Ian! Keep up the good work in the classroom and on the stage. You are a fun and friendly classmate and a happy, energetic son and sibling. We love you!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful having such a handsome pilot in our family! Congratulations, Ian on a great performance! Lots of love from Mommom.