Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Because We're "Cousins"

Isabel with "best friend" Katie Spink
If there is anything more stressful and chaotic than the final days before departing one's normal life and routines for an entire year with a house to sort, pack and clean; paperwork to print, process and file; and eight children to feed, dress and contain in the midst of it all, I certainly couldn't tell you what it is! What I can tell you is that on a couple of those final crazy days we welcomed the littlest Spink children to our home and our own kids made some last memories with their MK "cousins."

Unfortunately, one of those times fell on the same day as an all-school program for our three oldest. I could only give half of my attention to ten children ages 12 and under while also attempting to coordinate costumes, make several dozen cookies, and cook massive amounts of mac-n-cheese for the crowd of little people! For that reason a teenaged Spink sibling was also assigned kid duty, but insanity still reigned. 

Nonetheless everyone survived, memories were made, and it was with many tears that our girls in particular said goodbye to their friends the night before their departure to the USA for a year of furlough ministry. The myriad emotions of furlough are still fresh in our minds, so our prayers are focused and yet we know God has great things in store.

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