Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Take Two (for the Transit Brigade)

Isabel & Eva in their uniforms (ready for duty!)
Saturday morning was a good morning. It was a morning to just "be" as a family, focusing on a family function, making a family memory. For our girls, it was a morning to stand tall, be proud, and march to the beat of a military parade!

Though technically it was a day to celebrate the Chilean police there was a formal presence of each branch of the Chilean military, since the carabineros are considered a branch of the armed forces. We enjoyed the music played by the army band and in the spirit of true Chilean celebration, several cuecas performed by various folkclor groups.

Our boys got a little antsy waiting for the festivities to begin, but enjoyed trotting back and forth between center stage and the area a few blocks away where the girls and their fellow brigadistas were gathered. Their arrival granted immediately popularity to their big sisters!

Sometimes it pays to be cute, and Alec didn't seemed all too glad to accept a coveted carabinero balloon from the gentleman next to us in the crowd! Balloons are a hot item among our boys, so needless to say this "gift" elicited a family feud later but ... oh well ...

The boys watched from the sidelines as their sisters smartly stepped by with their brigade. Several schools were represented, and it was interesting to notice the differences in their uniforms and style. Some brigades wore only a colored scarf and marched with their hands at their sides. Others carried banners with their school names. 

Our girls' brigade wears a military-style outfit complete with white gloves, and does arm movements along with their marching steps. I think it has something to do with their inspector being either former military or police - either way, they look polished and I especially love their bright  neon backpacks (which carry nothing but stuffed paper to make them look full!)

All in all, it was a morning well spent and I am thankful for the chance to cheer on our girls and let them know Mommy and Daddy and three little brothers think they are pretty special. Great job, Eva and Isabel! We love you!

the sun came out in time for a final family photo

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