Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day with Ian & Alec

Ian, Alec and Mommy
The Friday before Mother's Day I was blessed with not one, but two pre-school performances in honor of the holiday. Miraculously there was coordination between the two schools' schedules and Alec's program began at 10 AM, with Ian's following at 11:30 AM. I was able to comfortably attend both and enjoy the sweet pleasure of watching my two littlest boys pouring their energy into a special program just for Mom!

Alec's homemade Mother's Day gift
Alec was a dancing frog and Ian was a dancing - Ian! (I noticed Ian was given a wide berth for his exuberant moves. That was funny and cute!) I love how excited kids get to have Mommy and/or Daddy - and even siblings - come into their everyday school environment. Alec kept his eyes on me throughout most of his performance, making sure I was fully engaged. Afterwards he stayed closed by my side during snack time in his classroom. I am reminded of how precious and fleeting time is!

Ian was SO proud of the handmade wooden box with a handsome sepia picture of his smiling face - his present to me for Mother's Day. (It's inside the bag in this picture.) I love the sparkle in his eyes. He is such a happy little boy most of the time. 

Ian's homemade gift (a jewelry box with his photo) was inside
I am so thankful for God's provision for both Ian and Alec in the area of schooling this year. They are each one in an environment that so far has been great both educationally and socially. I find it hard to believe they are already in Pre-Kindergarten, which Kindergarten on the horizon! So grateful for the long way God has brought these two precious Haitian sons of ours.


Terri Fisher said...

Oh my goodness! They were both SO cute! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I finally got here to see these kids of yours. So much enthusiasm and fun. What did people do before internet days? I love being able to see the grandkids do their thing. Love Mom