Thursday, May 16, 2013

M Is for Maritime

Sea lions. Sea turtles. Preservation of the sea. Sailor hats. Seafood tasting. All of this, and more, has already filled our month of May. Dubbed in Spanish "el Mes del Mar" ("Month of the Sea"), May recognizes the annual celebration of the Day of Naval Glories (May 21); the exploits of the Chilean navy; and most importantly Chile's national hero, Captain Arturo Prat.

We may chuckle as we help our five-year old preschoolers (Ian and Alec) prepare dissertations on marine life for their little classmates, and we may grumble good-naturedly as we add cans of tuna fish to our grocery budget for our older kids' seafood tasting at school. But overall we do enjoy the air of excitement and expectation that May brings, and of course what parent doesn't love to see their child looking oh-so-handsome in uniform?

Four of our five kids have required parades this month, with Ian's taking place today. His jardin, along with two others and with the help of a high school band, marched down two city blocks that were secured by carabineros on each end. Some of the youngest children looked bewildered at the noise and excitement and more than one toddler ran crying into the arms of his or her parent, but Ian was up for the challenge!

Ian with his teacher, "Tia Vale"
Ian with Daddy
He mastered the high step with ease, and I especially love how at the end of his video he turned around to give Mommy a happy wave. Needless to say, much later in the day he passed out on the couch from sheer exhaustion but never was there a prouder little sailor. We're proud of you, Ian! :)

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